Acoomodation next to Cracow and Wieliczka. Rooms and apartments - comfortable and cheap

Where are we?

The access to our places is very easy- you must just follow the route indicated by us :)


The access to Villa Marka:

From Wieliczka you drive down the road number 966 (to the direction of Tymowa, Gdów)

After you’ve driven about 5 km and passed such places as Lednica Górna, Tomaszkowice, Przebieczany, you’ll see a sign saying ‘Biskupice’ and now- attention!!!

Do continue driving down the road 966 for about 1 km and put much attention to signposts. Our house can be seen from the main road, and a big sign on it says ‘Wynajem Mieszkań’ (‘Rooms to rent’) . Then, you’ll see a sign encouraging you to make a turn on SZCZYGŁÓW. Follow the sign, our place is the 4th one on your left.

(We discourage you from using any navigation devices, such as GPS, as we know from experience that they will direct you towards the centre of Biskupice which is NOT a good way. That’s why we invite you to use our suggestion.)

The access to Amigo Gdów:

Drive to Gdów, there take Cegielniana Street and after that Słowackiego Street (our house is the last one on your left.)